Step 9 – Additional music tips

There are musicians who read music and there are musicians who don’t. There are those that never studied a thing on music but can bring the house down with a rocking guitar lick straight from heaven. Others run their fingers through a piano after many years of classical training.

Whatever kind of musician you are, remember that music is both an art and a science. There is a universe to discover and experience, on both the art and science angles. The more you know about music, the sharper you will get. Wide experience plus a constant attitude of learning – from books, music classes and playing with others – these and more will make you a better musician.

So read up. Learn. Unlearn. Do what it takes to keep you on your toes; to keep you getting better.

There are many music principles that will help any musician if he knew them.

Aspects such as melody, rhythm, harmony, songwriting, instrumentation, etc – these are all worthy of your learning.

Sounds too much for you? Learn a little at a time. Try applying these concepts to your playing and singing. You’ll be glad you did.

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