Step 6 – The art of balance

Creativity, deadlines and pleasing your target market.

Album production, so much like life, is filled with unexpected twists and turns. With everything shouting at you as urgent, you will need to find your point of decision and move along.

The producer, in this case, should be able to think on his feet, and make decisions as the need arises. Musicians can discuss and deliberate till kingdom come, so it is the job of the producer to narrow and define the direction of the project. If this is not done, the project may not see the light of day. He must define how far the project will go in terms of creativity, time, what will please the consumer and how you will all still carry the artist’s identity. At certain times, he will need to act as referee and captain so that the project does not go off course. Since the album is not just a creative work but also one that hopefully goes commercial (one that people will want to buy), the album’s content will need to address both areas. Going back to the goals and objectives of the project will tame this process.

It is important for the producer to also remember that he is dealing with artists of different levels and kinds. So it is key for him to strike the beautiful balance of welcoming and creating an atmosphere where creativity and respect are encouraged, but at the same time, creating respect for time and production deadlines.

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